How to Set Your Health System Apart From Competitors? Try Niche Marketing

November 10, 2022
Jeff Bean, vice president for system marketing & brand at Geisinger, talks about niche marketing

Jeff Bean, vice president for system marketing & brand, Geisinger

If niche marketing is defined as the business of promoting and selling a product or service to a specialized segment of a market, then Geisinger has powered its expertise for a specific population and area that is expected to grow going forward.

Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) is rapidly becoming a distribution and shipping hub for e-commerce to reach roughly 60 percent of the U.S. within a day’s drive (think Amazon Prime for a 1-to-2 day delivery and you get the picture).

But it is still largely a rural region, historically dotted with rich farmland and former coal mining operations.

“NEPA is an area of mostly rural small towns, close-knit communities, and consumers who typically don’t like to travel very far for anything, including health care services,” says Jeff Bean, vice president for system marketing & brand at Geisinger, one of several health care providers vying to support NEPA communities in this region. “While the geography is unique, it also presents challenges for us in offering the right services and access to care.”

Bean says Geisinger’s approach to care delivery in its geography offers real opportunity to focus on specific demographic populations and their unique health care needs.

One such program that plays right into this operational strategy is the Geisinger 65 Forward primary care program.

“Geisinger 65 Forward is designed exclusively for people 65 and older in our network,” says Bean. “Currently as a closed payvider, it provides us a truly pure niche marketing approach to personalize health services to each patient based on their unique needs.”

In our new article, you’ll discover insights from Geisinger’s 65 Forward program and learn how its innovative delivery model sets it apart from competitors. You’ll also learn how niche marketing can be a more cost-effective strategy that also helps strengthen brand loyalty in your region.

Read the full article now and learn more: Geisinger 65 Forward Senior-Focused Primary Care Is Pure Niche Marketing

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