Action! When (and How) To Use Video in Your Health Care Marketing Efforts

July 16, 2015

Lori-MooreJimmy-Warren“Videos can be a powerful marketing tool for hospitals and health systems. When used to their full potential, they accomplish multiple goals, including sharing your organization’s story to attract more patients, helping your target audience understand your services, and encouraging them to take a more proactive role in caring for their health,” note Lori Moore and Jimmy Warren.

Moore is a Health Care Marketing Specialist and Account Manager at TotalCom Marketing Communications, and Warren is President of TotalCom Marketing Communications. Together, they offer some great insights for health care marketers on the power of video.

“As many as 100 million Internet users watch online videos each day, with the average user watching around 186 videos per month,” Moore and Warren say. Additionally, “YouTube is the second-most-popular search engine, surpassed only by Google.”

“Videos are mobile friendly—accessible on tablets and smartphones as well as on desktop or laptop computers. These smaller, more mobile devices are where people spend a majority of their online browsing time, so by getting your information in this space, you can increase your reach and effectiveness,” note Moore and Warren.

Moore and Warren offer the example of Thibodaux Regional Medical Center in Thibodaux, Louisiana to show how “videos shape the way the health system communicates with its target audience.”

“The Thibodaux Regional marketing department recently wanted to find new ways to connect with prospective patients. It decided to create a series of short videos to help educate the community about procedures, technology, and services available through the medical center. The videos are a key part of a broader, integrated campaign that also includes traditional, digital, and social media to make the hospital’s profile more visible within the target community. Each video features a local news journalist interviewing a different physician and is done in a ‘Q and A’ style, which has been very effective in engaging the target audience and helping them feel more connected with the medical center.

Our full article offers some sample videos from Thibodaux Regional and another health system using video to excellent effect, as well as some tips from Moore and Warren on the most compelling types of content. Go here to read it now: Keeping Sight of the Big Picture: How and Why to Use Video to Tell Your Hospital’s Story.

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