Do You Know What Your Patients Want? Find Out—and Better Tailor Your Marketing for Their Needs and Preferences

August 25, 2017

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Health care organizations increasingly focus on improving the patient experience as reimbursement levels are now tied to this essential measurement. Further, when patients aren’t satisfied with their medical care or how office staff treats them, they are apt to shop around for a new provider. Yet all too often, areas where health care organizations invest their resources don’t yield intended benefits for patients.

A new report from West Corporation blames this ineffective investment on a gap between what patients really want and what health care providers think they want.

You know what your patients want—or do you? It’s critical for health care marketers to understand what their customers really want to avoid wasting resources and to improve metrics that matter. Read on to learn what the new research has uncovered about how to improve your patient experience.

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