Small Hospital Employs “Guerrilla Marketing” To Great Effect

August 24, 2017
Peter Hochstein

Peter Hochstein

“You know you’re in rural America when the front page of the local newspaper features a story about one of its delivery truck drivers finding his route blocked by a pair of obstinate moose,” observes Peter Hochstein, veteran copywriter and regular SHCM contributor.

“It happened in Gloversville, New York, population 15,315, and once the center of the nearly vanished American glove manufacturing industry. These days, one of Gloversville’s largest economic engines may be its 74-bed Nathan Littauer Hospital, named for the father of a 19th-century contributor.

Nathan Littauer Hospital“But the hospital is no quaint medical throwback. It serves three counties. It deals with 131,000 primary care visits and approximately 5,000 surgeries a year. And its techniques for leveraging a small budget to promote its medical services and recruit patients might teach some city-slicker hospitals a thing or two.”

To learn how the hospital employs clever (but low-cost) “guerrilla marketing” techniques, read Hochstein’s full story now:

How Can a Small-Town Hospital Get Big Returns on a Very Small Marketing Budget? It Pays to Be Clever. And Not Just with Advertising Copy.

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