New Research Points to Strategies for Calming Consumer Anxiety and Coming Through the Pandemic Stronger

July 15, 2020

// By Marlene Kurban //

“People will remember how they’re treated,” says Rob Klein, founder and CEO of Klein & Partners. “And how you treat them will determine whether your brand comes out of this with momentum.”

Klein & Partners and The DRG recently released the results of the third wave of an online national survey measuring consumer reactions to the coronavirus. What are ongoing concerns and how confident are consumers in seeking care for non-coronavirus medical conditions?

A random sample of 511 adults polled in mid-June 2020 offers useful insights about Americans’ perceptions of how health care providers are handling the pandemic and what it will take to bring patients back.

Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

Not surprisingly given the recent increase of positive tests in some states, many people feel no progress has been made toward a “new normal” since May. Women and those ages 18 to 44 are the least optimistic, with higher levels of concern and higher levels of anxiety.

“Be prepared for non-linear fits and starts,” says Klein, founder & CEO, Klein & Partners. “While negative emotions continue to ease, people are still hesitant about getting back out and participating in most activities.”

Empathy is the key to helping consumers overcome their reluctance to get the care they need. Health care providers can build on their already high “approval ratings” by understanding the emotional landscape and interacting with consumers accordingly.

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