A Print Health Care Newsletter In This Day and Age? Yes, Absolutely.

November 5, 2015

Publishing your health care organization’s print newsletter can be a time-intensive—and costly—endeavor. You may wonder if it’s really worth the investment, since the results can be challenging to measure. With people increasingly getting their news and health information online, you could even be tempted to retire your print efforts.

sullivan-creative_logoBut if you’re getting ready to throw in the towel, it’s worth first taking the time to try to rewrite your organization’s story in hard copy and better use this tool to further your community outreach and development efforts, says Carol Fusaro, Vice President and Account Manager of Sullivan Creative, an integrated brand and event-marketing agency with offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Concord, New Hampshire; and El Paso, Texas that works with a variety of clients, including those in the health care space.

Fusaro points out that print newsletters do continue to fill a vital role in most health care organizations’ marketing efforts. This means that if what you’ve been doing to date feels stale, instead of quitting, you might consider revamping your approach to better resonate with your readers and achieve your goals in fresh and strategic ways. It could be as simple as rethinking your content areas, livening up your writing style and graphics, and adding a concrete take-away for readers by the time they reach the last page.

Newsletter w volunteersTo learn how a newsletter revamp worked for Dartmouth-Hitchcock affiliate New London Hospital, read our full article now: Yes, Your Newsletter Can Still Be Relevant: How One Community Hospital Rewrote Its Own Story—and How You Can, Too.

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