Storytelling Helps Integrate Marketing and Foundation Efforts — with Good Outcomes

January 25, 2018

One patient, one blanket, a world of difference.

Scripps logoThat’s the theme of a recent campaign at Scripps Health to inspire people to donate $100 to buy a soft blanket for a woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Donors also are encouraged to include personal encouragement with their gift to support the recipient.

Scripps is a nonprofit integrated health system in San Diego. Its “One patient, one blanket” email appeal was written from the perspective of a breast cancer survivor, Chelsea, who was just 32 years old when she received her diagnosis. Thanks to life-saving treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation) Chelsea received through Scripps, today she is a survivor, and she shares her story of hope to support others going through similar experiences, and encourages people to give to make the treatment journey a little easier. To date, donations have funded 50 blankets, which have had a real impact on patients.

Christine Clay, senior director of brand strategy & system marketing for Scripps Health

Christine Clay, senior director of brand strategy & system marketing for Scripps Health

This simple yet heartfelt fundraising campaign is part of Scripps’ broader efforts to integrate its marketing and philanthropic efforts, including having teams work more closely together for greater impact, explains Christine Clay, senior director of brand strategy & system marketing for Scripps.

The campaign represents a growing awareness that some people who begin by making small donations may build up to more significant donations over time. In today’s competitive landscape where every dollar matters, it is particularly important to do the work to cultivate these relationships and not leave any opportunities on the table.

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