Customer Experience

Five-Star Service: Treat Your Patients Like Valued Guests, or Else

Kim Mott, marketing and customer service manager for Florida Orthopaedic Institute

// By Lisa D. Ellis // The last time you went on vacation, you probably enjoyed five-star treatment from the staff at the hotels and restaurants you visited. But while customer service is paramount when it comes to dining and accommodations, most health care systems don’t think to treat their patients like valued guests. The Read More

Design Thinking: A Key Competency for Health Care Marketers

Michael Joyce, design specialist with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy

Health care marketers have much to gain by getting up to speed on the concept of design thinking. This approach is becoming increasingly valuable in helping organizations effectively meet patients’ needs and address an array of challenges. With more people living longer and needing to manage chronic conditions, and with the health care model shifting Read More

4 Keys to Designing a Successful Secret-Shopper Strategy

Steven Maskell, chief client officer and partner at SeeLevel HX

// By Lisa D. Ellis // It’s no coincidence that people who like the Apple brand tend to be loyal customers, keeping all of their technology purchases within the Apple family. This is because Apple goes to great lengths to ensure its customers always have a very positive, consistent experience in stores, online, and by Read More

10 Health Care Marketing Trends To Watch in 2017

“If what we’ve seen over the past year is any indication, 2017 won’t be for the faint of heart,” says Lindsay R. Resnick, Executive Vice President at ReviveHealth, a Weber Shandwick company. “Combine the dynamics of socioeconomic-political tensions with the massive transformation happening across health care’s ecosystem—regulatory, technology, competition, innovation, finance, clinical—and you get an Read More