Post-Pandemic Predictions and Priorities from the Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board

June 7, 2021

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

jane weber brubakerAn industry leader recently used a phrase we hadn’t heard before: “The NEXT Normal.” What has the pandemic taught us? How did it stretch us as an industry, and how can we use what we’ve learned to shape strategies in the future? In this article, our editorial advisory board shares a rich treasure trove of knowledge and insight.

When we wanted to get a broad perspective on where things are likely to go as we move out of the COVID-19 crisis and enter a new phase, we didn’t have to look far. We reached out to our own Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board members:

We asked them to weigh in on one question:

What do you think the strategic priorities will be for health care organizations as the country comes out of the pandemic in 2021-2022, and what impact will those priorities have on the marketing function?

The responses from this multitalented group of health care veterans — senior leaders from nationally recognized health care organizations, full-service agencies, and consulting groups — reflect their diverse backgrounds and experience.

In this article, they speak to key issues like these and more:

  • Disease prevention, why it must be prioritized, and the role marketers can play
  • The importance of collaboration with community partners
  • The impact of social determinants of health, and the need to close the gaps
  • Staffing considerations and the need to hire for specific skills
  • Widening access through virtual, retail, and home-based care 

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