Health Care Disruption: Improving the Patient Experience With a Consumer-Centric Approach

July 13, 2023

Improving the patient experience is an ongoing challenge for health systems—especially in the age of health care disruption. Leadership buy-in and actionable data are essential to driving meaningful change.

Eric Steinberger, chief marketing officer, Atlantic Health System, one of the industry leaders who talks about health care disruption

Eric Steinberger, chief marketing officer, Atlantic Health System

When Matt Gove entered health care marketing, first with Grady Health and then Piedmont Health in Atlanta, he considered it “the ultimate consumer business because everyone has to interact with us at some point in their lives.”

But Gove, who recently left his position as chief marketing officer for CityMD/Summit Health in New York City, says it didn’t take him long to figure out “while everyone may have to interact with [the health care system], it was never designed to meet the needs of the customers other than their clinical needs.”

In a panel discussion at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit in Austin, Texas in April moderated by Sondra Brown, president of MDRG, Inc., a health care marketing firm in New Orleans, Gove and Eric Steinberger, chief marketing officer for the Atlantic Health System in New Jersey, shared from their experience outside health care and how it shapes their mission to make health care more consumer-centric.

“One of the things I’m trying to get the organization to understand is that [patient experience] is a skill set,” Steinberger says.

The session, “Improve Customer Experience with a Disruptor Mindset,” reveals that the pace of change may be closer to gradual than disruptive.

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