What Unlock Health’s Acquisition of SPM Group Means for the Industry

January 29, 2024

The leaders of the two companies believe a combined organization, with a broad portfolio of capabilities, fills an industry need for a unified partner for all health care marketing needs.

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

Jane Weber BrubakerWhenever there’s an announcement about a major M&A move, it makes you wonder about the backstory. Why did Company A decide to acquire Company B? What did both sides hope to gain? What market needs did they solve for? And how will customers benefit?

Brandon Edwards, CEO, Unlock Health

Brandon Edwards, CEO, Unlock Health

Unlock Health announced its acquisition of SPM Group on November 28, 2023, and those were our questions when we sat down for a conversation with Brandon Edwards, CEO of Unlock Health, and Amanda Seaford, CEO of SPM Group.

Both companies have been on an M&A spree over the past few years, buying up or merging with other companies to round out their respective portfolios and expand their service capabilities.

SPM Marketing & Communications acquired Centretek (2020), Dreamscape (2021), and GLC (2021); Unlock Health was formed through the merger of Eruptr and Decode (2023); Eruptr acquired HealthAware (2020) and Medicom Health (2021).

Amanda Seaford, CEO, SPM Group

Amanda Seaford, CEO, SPM Group

Unlock Health will operate as one company, offering the industry something that Edwards and Seaford believe has been absent until now — a single source for all health care marketing needs.

“The vision for Unlock Health, where we’re going to end up is a single unified brand, the first company of its kind in the space, both of this scale but also with the depth and breadth of capabilities,” says Edwards.

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