2019 Trend: Staying Relevant as Consumers Take Health Care into Their Own Hands

November 4, 2018

// By Braden Russom //

Braden Russom, account planner, Smith & Jones

Braden Russom, account planner, Smith & Jones

What drives consumers to look for alternatives to traditional medical care? And how can health care marketers respond? Here, Braden Russom, account planner at Smith & Jones, shares some of the factors contributing to changes in consumer behavior, particularly among millennials, and recommends proactive marketing strategies to stay relevant.

2019 is just around the corner. Which trends will have the biggest impact? While it’s hard to pick just one, I think there’s a clear contender for top health care marketing trend of 2019. And it’s this:

Consumers will look for cheap, safe ways to self-treat their conditions.

Here are three reasons this is such a big trend and how health care marketers can stay relevant as it grows.

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