Marketing & Public Relations: Why Reaching Across the Aisle Works

November 3, 2018

// By Wendy Stark Healy //

Wendy Stark HealyOne less silo would be welcome news for any health care organization. More and more, marketing and PR are coming together with a common goal of advancing organizational objectives. In this article, we hear from three marketing and PR leaders who share their perspectives on how the landscape has evolved to bring these two important functions together.

Gone are the days when marketing and public relations functions competed for funding, worked in silos, or thought that one side of the house was more creative than the other.

Truth is, there’s plenty of creativity to go around, and the functions are getting along nicely, say the experts. Working in sync on shared organizational goals is effective.

Don Stanziano, chief marketing officer for Geisinger

Don Stanziano, chief marketing officer for Geisinger

“There’s a stereotype that the creative side of the house is marketing and communications isn’t creative, when you can be creative in both,” says Don Stanziano, chief marketing officer for Geisinger, from his office in Danville, Pennsylvania.

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