Content Marketing Builds Trust and Conveys Expertise Without Selling

June 23, 2022
Kathy Wilets, director of media relations and content, University of Utah Health

Kathy Wilets, director of media relations and content, University of Utah Health

“When it comes to marketing health care services, content marketing provides an excellent platform for conveying the expertise of providers and building confidence and trust among prospective and current patients,” says Susan Dubuque, cofounder of NDP Agency.

Here’s an excerpt from Susan’s new article:

“Our overarching content strategy is to position U of U Health as the ‘go-to place’ for all things related to health and health research,” says Kathy Wilets, director of media relations and content for the University of Utah Health (U of U Health). “Rather than selling services, we provide education that can help guide health care decisions.”

Every content tactic used by U of U Health has a clearly defined target audience. “We have a women’s health podcast and another series for men,” says Wilets. “There are scientific articles for clinicians, and even a special podcast aimed at female medical students, called Bundles of Hers.

“Our HealthFeed blog posts do not include calls to action,” says Wilets. “Each one offers valuable information delivered by a trusted expert.” Wilets and her team post new content to the blog about three to five times weekly, and in 2016, HealthFeed was named the Best Health Care Blog in the country by MD Connect.

“Content marketing offers a unique opportunity for consumers to discover the Vanderbilt University Medical Center brand before and between health care episodes,” adds Cynthia Manley, director of digital content and engagement for Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC).

Read the full story now and learn what advice these two health care leaders in content marketing strategy have to offer:

The Expanding Role of Content in Health Care Marketing

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