Five Difficult Topics Health Care Marketers Need To Tackle

November 25, 2016
Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg, President of Kevin/Ross Public Relations

“It has been said that all motion is relative,” notes Ross K. Goldberg. “If that is indeed true, then it’s entirely possible to go backward by simply standing still if the world around you is changing.”

Goldberg, President of Kevin/Ross Public Relations in Southern California, says that “[o]ver the past half-dozen years, those entrusted with health care communications have pushed forward by focusing a good deal of energy on creative new ways to communicate with a digitally minded, increasingly mobile, and highly demanding consumer. But focusing so much consideration on the medium has turned the message into an ignored orphan needing its share of attention, as well.”

Too often, Goldberg says, health care marketers succumb to the “temptation of continuing to communicate the same comfortable messages we have for years. And when we do dare to venture into uncharted territory, we find ourselves focused on issues meaningful to us but of relative unimportance to the average consumer. This can’t continue much longer—nor should it. Increasingly, consumers will demand answers to tough questions that matter to them, and hospitals can no longer sit on the sidelines.”

In our new story, Goldberg unpacks five weighty yet crucial issues health care marketers should be talking more about. Read it now: Five Issues Health Care PR Folks Aren’t Talking About (But Should Be).

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