What Do Consumers Want From Your Health Care Organization?

May 2, 2019
Dan Clarin, senior vice president of Kaufman, Hall & Associates

Dan Clarin, senior vice president of Kaufman, Hall & Associates

Want to increase your health care organization’s market share? Think like a consumer.

That’s the advice of Dan Clarin, CFA, senior vice president of Kaufman, Hall & Associates, a health care consulting, software, and data company.

Improving access to care, aligning price with value, and providing better patient experience are key to increasing market share, according to Clarin. Meeting consumer needs rather than those of your system will help health care organizations attract and retain patients. In a nutshell, be consumer-centric.

“If you can be the first in your market to do that in a meaningful way, it’s a great opportunity to grow,” he says.

Clarin, a leader in the firm’s strategic and financial planning practice focusing on consumer-centric strategies, explains the ways consumers are shaping the state of health care.

“The point that I can’t emphasize enough as it relates to consumerism with health care providers is this: In many ways it has been viewed as a risk or a problem to be solved. We encourage health care providers to see it as a growth opportunity.”

The first question providers should ask is, “What do consumers want that we’re not offering?”

Doing that, Clarin says, requires a commitment from leadership to adopt a consumer-centric operating model, and openness to change — not an easy task for an industry that has been slow to change.

“Today requires mindset shifts and strategies to deal with consumerism and to position your organization to grow in a world where consumer expectations are increasing and market share is hard to come by,” says Clarin.

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