Touchdown! Health System Teams with Sports Franchise for the Win

June 15, 2017

Some of the latest headlines from top academic medical centers today seem more fitting for ESPN than for a health care brand.

This is thanks to the fact that a growing number of organizations are signing increasingly complex and integrated agreements with NFL, MLB, and NBA teams. Just these past few months, landmark partnerships have been announced at Henry Ford Health (Detroit Pistons), Emory (Atlanta Hawks), Baylor, Scott & White (Dallas Cowboys), and more arrangements like these are in the pipeline.

Jeff Sofka, founder and principal at Bendigo

Jeff Sofka, founder and principal at Bendigo

Working with sports teams can really pay off in spades if the relationship is developed correctly, according to Jeff Sofka, a marketing specialist whose agency Bendigo specializes in the “convergence of health care and sports”—with some pretty impressive scores.

Read our full story now to learn how sports and health care can unite around common ground to ultimately benefit all parties involved:

Keeping Score: How One Medical Center’s Sponsorship of a Sports Team Scored a Touchdown with Its Population Health Efforts

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