Hello Customers… Sharp HealthCare Is Listening

June 6, 2022

// By John Marzano //

John MarzanoIn health care’s “moment of need” demand environment, progress and innovation rely on time and patience. It takes time to orchestrate real change to better the patient experience, and patience by everyone to realize the benefit of seeing measurable results.

Sharp HealthCare in San Diego believes in expediting change. To prove it, a little more than a year ago the organization partnered with Podium, a leading customer communication and payments platform, to improve its patient communication and feedback operations through text communication and online reviews.

Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategy, Sharp HealthCare

Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategy, Sharp HealthCare

“Our goal was to help our patients provide timely feedback to Sharp, while also educating fellow San Diegans about the exceptional care and service that Sharp offers,” says Kelly Faley, vice president of digital strategy at Sharp.

Through a partnership with Sharp HealthCare, Podium’s platform improved patient communication channels by gathering online reviews and patient feedback. The organization then leveraged this new functionality across Sharp’s network in San Diego County.

“Sharp has been an example of quality care in San Diego for more than 70 years,” says Bryan Oram, vice president of enterprise sales for Podium. “Patient relationships take time to create. With this partnership, we are able to turn those relationships and conversations into actions. This connects Sharp with its patients in a virtual sense — through a simple text message. The result is the ability to respond quickly to enhance the patient experience.”

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