Merck Manuals Gets an Effective Digital Facelift

December 3, 2015
Derek Mabie, President and Founder of Evolve Digital Labs

Derek Mabie, President and Founder of Evolve Digital Labs

By 2020, Merck Manuals wants to reach 3 billion people and give them current, accurate medical information, says Derek Mabie, President and Founder of Evolve Digital Labs.

While Merck has been a trusted peer-reviewed resource within the medical community since 1899, he notes, the process by which medical professionals find the answers they are seeking has changed: “Consumers, and even doctors, stay connected constantly today; they use phones, tablets, and laptops to cast a wide net for information that either provides pertinent content or requires the searcher to keep looking.”

Mabie says that Merck Manuals’ new “Global Medical Knowledge 2020” campaign is designed to relaunch its revamped online content with aggressive goals for increasing search traffic and brand reach to fulfill its mission. Because Merck is limited by a small digital budget, he says, “the stakes were particularly high for this campaign.” Merck turned to Evolve for help.

Evolve’s digital strategists knew Merck Manuals would need a strong presence on search engines that surpassed traditional SEO, so Evolve created a strategic plan to maximize search engine marketing investments to push deeper awareness and engagement. Evolve was also able to build on a unique strength of Merck’s, Mabie explains:

“While there was significant complexity in Merck’s task—launching a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-domain product—Merck also enjoys one obvious competitive advantage. Unlike most hospitals or physician teams, Merck Manuals has an extensive array of content that offers real value for a large population. Therefore, using that content and highlighting the best sections of the market to target with high-quality medical information proved an essential step for growth and establishing both paid and organic market share.”

For more on how Mabie and his team helped Merck unify numerous multinational keyword lists, review and capitalize on data opportunities, track ROI, and maintain a click-through rate of over 7 percent, read the full article now: From Market Data to Content: How Merck Manuals Digitally Connects with Consumers and Physicians Across the Globe.

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