The Metrics That Matter for Your Health Care Marketing Efforts

October 27, 2016
David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts

David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts

“The concept of measuring the metrics associated with health care marketing and communications efforts is far from new,” notes David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts in Ellicott City, Maryland (and member of the Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board).

“When I entered the field in 1980, one of the first questions asked by leadership was, ‘What has marketing delivered for the organization?’ We get asked pretty much the same question today, albeit perhaps with greater intensity and with perhaps greater complexity due to technologies that did not exist 35-plus years ago.”

Frequently, Marlowe says, “marketing and communications professionals in health care provider settings lean toward metrics in areas where they have significant ‘control’—and shy away from metrics that are certainly marketing-oriented but where the marketing department’s control is limited.”

Additionally, “a key issue for many organizations is the degree to which key data to support marketing metrics is even available—or available in a timely manner. The advent of CRM systems, Internet-based communications channels, electronic health records, etc. has both enhanced the data available—and made it more complex and perhaps more challenging to use.”

For Marlowe’s insights on factors driving metrics, a look at current core metrics, and a look forward at health care marketing metrics 2.0, read the full article now: What Has Marketing Delivered for Your Organization? Exploring Health Care Provider Marketing Metrics in 2016 and Beyond.

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