The Strategic Marketing and HR Approach to Enhancing Nurse Recruitment

October 27, 2022
Susan Williams, vice president of talent management, LifePoint Health, talks about nurse recruitment and retention

Susan Williams, vice president of talent management, LifePoint Health

Nurse recruitment is vital to the growth and survival of every health care organization today. A successful nurse recruitment effort requires that departments break down the silos and come together to ensure that best practices from operations, human resources, internal communications, marketing strategy, and analytics are brought to the table.

So what does it look like for marketing and HR teams to work together to enhance nurse recruitment and improve employee experience?

In a recent presentation in May, Kathy Winn, former vice president of strategic marketing*, and Susan Williams, vice president of talent management for LifePoint Health, shared their approach to nurse recruitment and retention. Their session, “MarCom and HR: Working Together,” made a strong case for collaboration between the two departments to address today’s health care workforce challenges.

“There are many ways that we see value in partnering with marketing to achieve our objectives — mostly in the recruitment space but also in employee experience,” Williams observes.

“We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time,” says Winn. “It wasn’t too terribly long ago when we focused on classified advertisements to get recruits into the hospital system.”

In our new article, you’ll discover the strategic marketing approach these health care leaders used to enhance nurse recruitment and employee experience at their health system. You’ll also learn five key methods your organization can and should use to build a collaborative recruitment and retention team.

Read the full article here: Marketing and HR Join Forces to Elevate Nurse Recruitment

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P.S. Winn is now SVP, chief marketing officer at Compassus, as of June.