Quick—What Do Merged Hospitals and a Woman Stock Car Race Driver Have in Common? One Health Care Advertising Agency Found Plenty of Similarity

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // In 2013, three hospitals, along with various satellite practices and facilities in the western suburbs of Chicago, merged. Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, with 309 beds, all in private rooms; Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst, Illinois, with 259 beds, also all in private rooms; and Linden Read More

Hospital’s Magazine Moves the Needle; Does Yours?

Peter Hochstein

Who says print is dead? That’s far from the case in the health care field, where “publishing magazines is starting to seem as commonplace in many hospitals as taking patients’ temperatures. Well, almost,” says veteran copywriter and SHCM contributor Peter Hochstein. “The data collected over the last ten years shows that approximately 60 to 70 Read More

Tailoring Messages to Better Fit the Latino Community

“Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa, the Founder and President of Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications

How to Overcome 5 Common Challenges to Health Care Organizations’ Cultural Outreach Efforts // By Lisa D. Ellis // What if you were in a foreign country and needed emergency medical care but couldn’t communicate effectively with the health care providers there? This could put your life at risk, if you and your provider couldn’t Read More

How Media Training Can Refine and Strengthen Your Message

Lisa D. Ellis

You go to great lengths to develop strong messages that will resonate with your target audience and reinforce your brand. But what your spokespeople don’t say may come across louder than their actual words. This is because body language is essential when it comes to establishing trust and connecting with viewers on television and video. Read More

Media Training: Nonverbal Cues May Drown Out Your Messaging

Lisa D. Ellis

How to Address the Problem and Connect with More Potential Patients // By Lisa D. Ellis // You go to great lengths to develop strong messages that will resonate with your target audience and reinforce your brand. But what your spokespeople don’t say may come across louder than their actual words. This is because body Read More

Telemedicine Enables Remote Dermatology Services

Jennifer Sikora, VP of Marketing, Iagnosis

If you had a suspicious mole or rash on your leg, what if you could have it evaluated by a dermatologist tomorrow without having to miss any work or activities and could find out quickly whether the area is cause for concern? You’d probably find this approach invaluable. And so might many of your health Read More

Turning a Tight Budget + Low Brand Awareness Into Health Care Marketing Success

Peter Hochstein

“As the health sciences have advanced, pressure to see more patients in less time has also grown. Little wonder that doctor-patient relationships often seem less personal—and consequently less satisfying—than they once were,” notes veteran copywriter and regular SHCM columnist Peter Hochstein. “It was just this kind of society-wide malaise that provided a branding opportunity for Read More

On Humorous Health Care Advertising, Media Planning, Conservative Doctors, Cold Feet—and Possibly a Few Rueful Afterthoughts

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // This story is a departure from what you usually find in this space. It’s about television advertising for the services of a single practitioner, not a group practice or hospital. It’s also about a rare occurrence—real knee-slapping humor in a spot supporting treatment for a medical Read More

Use Consumer Data To Improve the Quality of the Care You Provide

Keith Schneider, Director of Consumer & Brand for Professional Research Consultants (PRC)

“As a health care marketer or leader, you know your health care system doesn’t specialize in everything,” Keith Schneider notes. “By pairing the needs of your market with your unique differentiators, your team has chosen its investments wisely. “This intelligent approach allows you to focus on excellence. Yet you might be surprised that, despite service Read More

A Children’s Hospital in Boston Pulls Out All the Emotional Stops. Result: Striking Increases in Web Traffic, Enhanced Staff Enthusiasm, and a Powerful Brand Image

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // In most other markets, the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center would be in the catbird seat. The 94-bed hospital is part of a larger teaching hospital. It’s connected to a prestigious medical school. And it has won its fair share of awards and Read More

A Money-Back Guarantee In Health Care? Yes.

Peter Hochstein

When new CEO David Feinberg, M.D., arrived at Geisinger Health System in May 2015, he saw a large system with a great reputation for medical innovation and outcomes. “But its reputation among its patients based on their hospital experiences? Not so great,” says copywriter and regular SHCM contributor Peter Hochstein. Hochstein notes that the hospital regularly surveys employees, patients, Read More

How to Dispel Stereotypes in Health Care Marketing

Sara Tack, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Smith & Jones

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, it’s more important than ever for health care organizations to keep their messages all-inclusive. Here’s how. // By Sara Tack // Hospitals and health systems are responsible for taking care of anyone and everyone regardless of race, religion, gender orientation, or age. That’s the nature of health care: Read More

How To Keep Your Messaging Inclusive and Non-Discriminatory

Sara Tack, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Smith & Jones

“Health care advertising often falls short of representing the various populations that hospitals and health systems serve,” says Sara Tack. “We are inclusive to a point, covering our diversity bases by featuring ads with Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. Sometimes, these images come across as pandering or obvious tokenism to the point where the Read More

Retail Health Care: Meet Your Customers Where They Are—Literally

Christi McCarren, RN, MBA, CPHQ, Senior Vice President of Retail Health and Community-Based Care, MultiCare Health

It used to be that if you built a good health system, people would come. But in today’s hectic world, many organizations find it necessary to extend their services to places their patients frequent instead. In fact, these days, organizations providing the highest-quality care are a given, but how that care is delivered—and where—have become the Read More

Growing Health Care System Solves a Branding Challenge By Keeping It Local

Daniel P. Stevens

“Health care is changing—and so are health care brand campaigns,” says Daniel P. Stevens. “Building a strong health care brand in an environment that is undergoing drastic change is challenging: the switch from fee for service to value-based care; the emergence of accountable care organizations; the consolidation of hospitals—the list goes on. Sure, these shifts Read More

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