NYC Hospital Launches Fight Against Diabetes in Latino Community

A new educational campaign led by Lenox Hill Hospital has rallied together an impressive array of big and small public and private groups in New York City to fight against a common problem: the incidence of diabetes in the Latino community. “Hispanics are almost twice as likely as non-Hispanics to be diagnosed with diabetes and Read More

Word of Mouth: Harness the Voice of Patients and Staff for Powerful Results

// By Ryan Hanser // Here’s important context for health care marketing in 2017: Attention and trust continue to decline across the country. Year over year, America appears to be witnessing the collapse of expertise and institutional trust. Sure, we still have knowledgeable specialists—doctors, for starters. The trouble is that people increasingly reject the authority Read More

Urgent Care + Uber Transport = Win for Orthopedic Franchise

Lisa D. Ellis

If you or a family member broke an ankle or dislocated a shoulder, what if you could just use an app on your smartphone to schedule a visit at a nearby orthopedic urgent care center and, at the same time, also arrange for an Uber driver to transport you? That’s the premise of a new Read More

Language Access in Health Care Under a Trump Presidency

Jill Mead

Part 2: Interpreting (Spoken Word) Requirements for Health Care Organizations // By Jill Mead // Are you wondering about President Donald Trump’s current plans to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act? Most people working in the field want to know the timeframe and what this will mean when it comes to interpreting (spoken word) Read More

Cut the Clutter To Streamline and Improve Your Marketing Communications

Deb Bruce, Senior Content Writer for AVID Design

Are your marketing messages living up to their full potential? If not, you may need to think more about the concept of health literacy and how to reach your target audience on a deeper and more personal level, by talking about things they care about in a simple, direct language that they can understand. Health Read More

Hospital’s Magazine Moves the Needle; Does Yours?

Peter Hochstein

Who says print is dead? That’s far from the case in the health care field, where “publishing magazines is starting to seem as commonplace in many hospitals as taking patients’ temperatures. Well, almost,” says veteran copywriter and SHCM contributor Peter Hochstein. “The data collected over the last ten years shows that approximately 60 to 70 Read More