What Happens to Workplace Culture in a New Era of Remote Work?

July 15, 2021
Jean Hitchcock, president, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications

Jean Hitchcock, president, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications

If necessity is the mother of invention, COVID helped us invent news ways of staying connected virtually. Is it possible to maintain a strong culture if remote work becomes part of the normal landscape? 

Read an excerpt from our new article by Jean Hitchcock, president of Hitchcock Marketing & Communications, which explores this question.

2020 is a year none of us will soon forget. We will remember what we were doing the day before the nation shut down and will never forget how our lives changed overnight. Not surprisingly, health care was the most affected industry across the world.

Staff hired during the pandemic have no in-person experience with their co-workers and do not know the office history or rituals. And what toll did this pandemic take on young parents who tried to do their jobs while supporting remote learning of their children?

In many ways, those of us who chose health care for a career recognize the importance of connectiveness, collaboration, and working across departments. We recognize we achieve a higher quality of care when we work like a finely choreographed team.

In the early days of COVID, many friends and colleagues kept wondering when we would return to normal. After six months, the answer was clear: We would not.

The focus shifted to how we would work most efficiently and make our work lives as positive as possible during this pandemic. How would we maintain a supportive culture in the workplace while keeping people safe and working remotely?

Read the full article now: Corporate Culture and Connectiveness in the Age of COVID

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