Children’s Hospital Colorado Campaign Drives Brand Awareness with Stories that Resonate

August 10, 2023

Being in the middle of the western half of the United States — between well-known East and West Coast medical facilities — presented Children’s Hospital Colorado with a marketing challenge.

Charlotte Isoline, vice president of marketing and communications at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Charlotte Isoline, vice president of marketing and communications at Children’s Hospital Colorado

In addition to making potential patients and their loved ones aware of its existence, the hospital wanted to demonstrate the individualized, innovative, and often complex medical procedures it offers. Its “Miraculous Everyday” campaign seeks to do just that.

With the pandemic and its health care consequences waning, Children’s Hospital Colorado decided to refresh the message from its 2019 marketing campaign, which focused on how treating children is different from treating adults, requiring a different type of care. A lot has happened since 2019, including a global pandemic.

“We just felt like we wanted to take it to another level,” says Charlotte Isoline, vice president of marketing and communications. “Kids aren’t just different from adults. They’re also different from each other. And this campaign really demonstrates personalized and individualized care, which is becoming really critical in health care — especially for children. The ‘Miraculous Everyday’ title of the campaign brings to life the incredible acts of medical innovation and humanity that we provide every day.”

Sometimes great care can hide in plain sight. Children’s Hospital Colorado resolved to shine a spotlight on its innovative and compassionate care, and build its reputation locally and regionally.

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