For Health Care Marketers, SHSMD 2022 Was a Chance to Reflect and Recharge

October 13, 2022
Jane Weber Brubaker discusses SHSMD Connections 2022

Jane Weber Brubaker

The art of planning a conference involves taking the pulse of an industry, reflecting on the major themes, and creating a program that recharges attendees with inspirational ideas and the opportunity to build deeper connections with each other, and challenges them to think differently and consider fresh perspectives. At this year’s SHSMD Connections, it was a much-needed opportunity for attendees to rebalance, reassess, rebound, and reset.

This year’s SHSMD Connections in National Harbor, Maryland did not disappoint. Coming out of two extremely challenging years marked by massive disruption, the 2022 event demonstrated the resilience of the industry and the resolve of its leaders to keep pressing forward.

Although still not all the way back to 2019 attendance levels due to budget constraints and COVID-related travel bans still in place, this year’s event did reach critical mass. There was a palpable sense of relief mixed with excitement when the group convened in a large ballroom in the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center.

The keynote sessions at SHSMD 2022 captured the essence of our shared experience over the past few years. A dictionary definition of keynote is the fundamental or central fact, idea, or mood.

The central ideas framed by the keynote speakers could be summed up in four words:

  • Rebalance
  • Reassess
  • Rebound
  • Reset

In a new article, Jane Weber Brubaker shares highlights from the inspiring messages delivered at SHSMD Connections 2022 that challenged health care marketers to rethink assumptions of what’s possible and renew the shared commitment to making health care better for all.

Specifically, you’ll discover:

  • Tips on improving work-life balance in health care settings to reduce worker burnout
  • Ways to maintain courage and resolve to move ideas forward and find success as a health care marketer
  • Suggestions for addressing stress and mental health challenges among workers in your organization
  • Four steps your organization can take to address health disparities among marginalized communities and create lasting change as a health care leader.

Read the full article now: SHSMD Connections 2022: An Industry Reboot

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