How Customer Analytics and Marketing Communications Can Help Prevent Child Abuse

August 10, 2017

center-for-childrens-health-cook-childrens-logo-300x121The faces of two beautiful toddlers practically jump off the Star Telegram’s website, their vibrant expressions and sparkling eyes captured so clearly on the screen that it’s hard to believe that both of these youngsters are no longer living.

Tragically, these children—who did not know each other but are both believed to be victims of child abuse a few years apart—each died suddenly. But at least there’s hope that their memories might serve a great purpose: to help save other children in Tarrant County, Texas, who are also at risk.

These toddlers’ stories are being shared as part of an in-depth public awareness campaign, a collaborative effort between the newspaper and Cook Children’s Health System in Fort Worth, a not-for-profit system that operates a full continuum of pediatric care

Learn how Cook Children’s is working to prevent child abuse, and the marketing tools it is using to do so. Read the full story now:

How Cook Children’s Health System Fights Back Against Child Abuse

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