Technology’s Role in Managing Chronic Conditions

June 13, 2019
Kathy Selker, president and CEO, Northlich

Kathy Selker, president and CEO, Northlich

“Telemedicine is more than a nascent trend — it’s here to stay,” according to Kathy Selker, president and CEO of Northlich, an independent, full-service marketing and advertising agency.

Selker’s new article explores how technology, such as wearables, can help patients with chronic conditions better monitor their health — and how marketers can connect with and drive preference among these chronic care patients before a crisis happens. Here’s an excerpt:

According to the CDC, nearly half of Americans have a chronic disease. Women tend to be affected earlier in life than men, and thus need care longer. For health care marketers, this is an important opportunity: Hospitals and health care systems that can build meaningful connections with chronic care patients before a health crisis will find themselves top-of-mind when a need for critical care does arise.

New health care technologies such as wearables, live-video conferencing, and other forms of telemedicine can help chronic care patients monitor their conditions and get the help they need. If deployed strategically, they can also help hospital systems drive preference among chronic care patients.

To build a deep connection with chronic care patients before a moment of crisis, hospital systems must develop — and market — holistic, whole-person care models. Recently, the number-one takeaway from the 2019 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference was the shifting role of the health care delivery system from a provider mindset (selling services) to a platform mindset (being a hub for health care and health services in the community).

Read the full article now: Marketing Hospitals to Women with Chronic Conditions

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