Oversharing on Social Media Can Lead to HIPAA Violations

October 5, 2017
Jay Hodes, founder and president of Colington Consulting

Jay Hodes, founder and president of Colington Consulting

Health care marketers have lots of hurdles to overcome to achieve their organizational goals, and one of the biggest to conquer is ensuring your organization meets HIPAA requirements in all that it does.

In a new story, we discuss how to effectively engage health care consumers via social media without violating patient privacy concerns. Jay Hodes, a privacy expert and former assistant inspector general for investigations at the US Department of Health and Human Services, shares insights and points to a new ruling that reminds groups of the consequences—and potential costs—of losing control of the information you share digitally.

Read the full story to learn about:

  • the recent settlement and why Hodes thinks it sends a message
  • common HIPAA violations you might overlook
  • the risk from personal social media accounts of your staff and others
  • steps to take today to be vigilant, protect patient privacy, and avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes

Read it now: Social Media Rules: Think Before You Share—or Risk a HIPAA Violation

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