Optimal Marketing Enables the Right Provider Match

August 15, 2019

“Marketers charged with leading their health systems into the new era of consumerism understand the hard truth about regional markets: They are a zero-sum game,” says Tom White, CEO of Phynd Technologies.

Here’s an excerpt from White’s new article for Strategic Health Care Marketing:

Marketers and business teams must create and market new networks to patients, payors, and employers to remain a step ahead of competitors. To do this, they must optimally market their networks and providers, enabling consumers, call centers, and referring physicians to find the right provider.

Managing provider information has emerged as a top priority for progressive health systems. Indeed, these organizations have identified provider information management as sufficiently critical to their consumerism efforts that they are deploying platforms to manage provider data across their Find a Doctor websites, patient access systems, and referral management programs.

Provider information management offers a real-time, always-up-to-date, 360 degrees view (subspecialties, health plans, networks, locations, and availability) of your providers, delivering a better patient digital experience. It can also help to prevent referral leakage, which costs hospital systems an estimated $150 billion per year.

If you’re a marketer wondering if your health system has the right information, ask yourself the following questions about the Find a Doctor section on your website, your patient access systems, and your referral management programs:

  • Do we know who our providers are?
  • Do we know where they work?
  • What are each provider’s clinical interests?
  • Do we know which health plans each one accepts, and in which networks each one participates?
  • Which providers accept new patients?
  • What are the next three time slots available for each provider?

Read White’s full article now: How Effective Is Your Provider Information Management Platform?

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