Marketing and Branding Lessons From 3 Biotech Companies

December 10, 2015

There’s more pressure today than ever before on hospitals and other health care organizations to provide high-value, patient-centered care for a growing audience. As a result, marketing departments are being pushed to find creative ways to leverage their shrinking budgets and resources to help achieve these ambitious goals.

If this describes your situation, and you’re struggling to find the most efficient ways to make every dollar count to garner the biggest results, you may want to look to the recent experiences of some biotechnology companies for some fresh perspective to help guide your efforts.

Kat McDavitt, Director of Strategic Services for Dodge Communications based in Atlanta, Georgia, says that many of these high-tech companies can be great models for all types of organizations operating in the health care space.

AxoGen LogoThe first example worth exploring is AxoGen, headquartered in Alachua, Florida, and dedicated to peripheral nerve repair, offering patented techniques and products for surgeons. While the concept of the company’s efforts is quite technical, the challenge is that the messaging must be completely understood by a busy surgeon, says Karen Zaderej, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Member of AxoGen.

After some trial and error, Zaderej says AxoGen created a marketing campaign it calls the “Matters Series.” This is a series of messages—such as processing matters, structure matters, etc.—that strive to break complex, technical information into bite-sized nuggets that the target audience can quickly and easily absorb.

For more on AxoGen’s campaign, along with two other biotech case studies and six lessons that can benefit all health care marketers, read our full article now: Follow the Leader: What You Can Learn from the Marketing Efforts of Three Biotech Companies.

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