Ten Sites or Apps That Exemplify Good Use of Mobile Health Care

January 1, 2014

by Michele von Dambrowski

Michele von DambrowskiEveryone knows that mobile is hot, observes Christian Twiste, vice president of interactive services at BlueSpire Strategic Marketing. But what everyone struggles with, including large Internet companies, is how best to address the different ways that people interact with their mobile devices. “A lot of mobile users are either bored, busy, or lost,” he says. “They are looking for sites and experiences that are unique, charming, and especially in health care, considerate. They want their mobile devices to take advantage of the features that aren’t available on a desktop or laptop, such as a phone, camera, or GPS.”

With these criteria in mind, Twiste, addressing attendees of last year’s annual conference of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development, shared what he and his Minneapolis-based agency considered 10 top exam­ples of mobile health care:

WebMD. In addition to providing a great deal of health content for a global audience, the mobile site and dedicated app also offer users access to local care providers. The features “get past that bored, busy, lost mentality,” says Twiste. Many marketers, he notes, have trouble determining an app’s value to users.

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