The Best Strategies Start with Unsexy Assessments

May 27, 2021

// By Sally Mildren //

Mildren-Sally-Boss-LadyOur newest contributor, the CEO of Boss Lady Consulting, shares six insights about why a clear, well-developed strategy is the key to driving the results your organization is looking for. Strategy comes first — then tactics.

How many times have leaders in marketing and patient success been asked to drive more volume in a specialty line, more joint replacements, make sure our midwives are busy? The temptation for a quick fix is never stronger — but rushing off to tactics without first performing a thorough assessment and gaining clarity on the strategy will end in lackluster results and limited growth.

So how do we go about creating a smart strategy for your health care business?  Here are a few insights from our work with clients in health care.

1. Start with studying the market.

A long-term view is built on a deep understanding of your market, your customers, their needs, the political, economic, and consumer triggers, and drivers of change. It takes being aware of, but not obsessed with, your competitors and what they are doing. It requires a willingness to learn from other campaigns, companies, and leaders inside and outside of health care to find best practices.

Post-pandemic, consumers have changed. They expect excellent service, high-quality care, and empathetic and helpful staff in person or online. Systems and organizations must stay in tune with the changing needs of patients.

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