What’s Next for Health Care Marketing Post-COVID?

May 27, 2021
Dalal Haldeman, PhD, chief executive officer, Haldeman Marketing, LLC

Dalal Haldeman, PhD, chief executive officer, Haldeman Marketing, LLC

COVID forced organizations to adapt quickly. Communicators’ skills were essential in navigating the crisis, and marketing led the way, meeting the extraordinary demand for information.

Over the past year-plus, health system marketing departments radically shifted their priorities. The question is: Which COVID-era changes actually moved the industry forward and should remain?

Which strategic initiatives have the greatest potential to help health systems recover from losses and accelerate growth — and what are the necessary skill sets needed to navigate the post-pandemic world?

“In many organizations, communications became a priority, a 24/7 production house when the command centers opened,” says Dalal Haldeman, PhD, chief executive officer at Haldeman Marketing, LLC.

“The marketing leaders gained more visibility and credibility, taking charge of daily communications to employees, patients, and visitors about changes in procedures while addressing the anxiety of health care workers, creating playbooks about the pandemic, organizing forums, town halls, and leadership and CEO rounding, partnering with media reporters, and working with government officials on the stimulus packages.

“Some marketing and communications teams added agencies or freelance writers to support them, and others carried the whole load themselves with agility and flexibility, doing much more with less and putting marketing campaigns on hold and implementing better communication platforms.

“In addition to that, people started working remotely. Marketing teams are still working remotely, and I expect that up to 40 percent of the workforce will continue to work remotely,” she says.

Read the full article now for additional insights from Haldeman and other leading voices in the field:

Reshaping Marketing After COVID: What’s the New Normal?

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