Empathy in the C-suite: The Role of the CXO in Patient-Centric Healthcare

June 15, 2023

As hospital systems have merged and grown over the years, so have the number of executives occupying their C-suites. The chief information officer (CIO) was a creation of the 1990s, as hospitals began relying on electronic medical records. A more recent admittee to the C-suite is the CXO, or chief experience officer. So, what is the role of a healthcare CXO in today’s industry?

Eugene Scioscia, MD, chief experience officer for the Allegheny Health Network, talks about the role of a healthcare CXO

Eugene Scioscia, MD, chief experience officer for the Allegheny Health Network

Like the rise of the CIO, the healthcare CXO is a response to changing times in the health care sector.

“We had a world of medicine for many, many generations, which was paternalistic. The doctor owned the patient and drove policy,” says Eugene Scioscia, MD, CXO for the Allegheny Health Network, an 11-hospital system in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But Scioscia says that has changed in the past five to 10 years. These days, the patient is the one who “owns” their own care.

“It’s a consumer-driven society more than ever, and they have access to more information than ever. They’re empowered to seek information around their care and understand much more about their information,” Scioscia observes.

As a result, Scioscia says hospitals and health care systems now compete on service, a phenomenon abetted by HCAHPS and other quality, outcomes, and experience scorecards widely available to the public.

In a new article, we unpack the vital role of healthcare CXOs to find out how their integration of empathy, data-driven analytics, and patient-centric approaches can elevate the patient experience and fuel long-term growth in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

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