How Data-Driven Marketing Fuels Brand Strategy

February 18, 2021

John Marzano

More than ever, it’s important for health care executives to understand that broad brand strategy alone doesn’t drive business. Successful service-line growth campaigns are based on insights from marketing and consumer data. Without direction from digital marketing data, health care organizations will struggle even more in the post-pandemic world.

Brand/MarCom strategist John Marzano recently spoke with SHCM about how data-driven marketing fuels brand strategy in driving business, and how to overcome common mistakes.

SHCM: Many health system executives continue to struggle with where digital marketing fits in their brand strategy. How are they connected?

JM: It’s all about brand and demand. Brand is the umbrella experience. Everything under that brand umbrella counts when it comes to the brand. It’s why you exist, the experience you provide, and the outcome you offer. Everything under that umbrella counts to the consumer.

Demand is the business driving into the organization. It goes back to what services are going to drive the most revenue, what channels you’re going to use, how the data within those services are giving you insights as to what you’re going to do, and what message you’re going to run for that service. That’s the technical side of driving the business.

SHCM: How does data help health systems create a better brand experience?

JM: Data provides a direction — what’s working, and what isn’t working. And then you address those gaps in the journey. The data’s going to tell you that, for instance, you have a problem with capacity in a certain service and are dissatisfying customers. They’re not happy because they have to wait three months for an appointment.

When the data tells you that, you go back into your operations and make adjustments on both the intake/operations side and on the clinical delivery side. That direction is key to building a better brand experience and a better customer journey.

Read the rest of the interview now: Brand and Demand Go Hand in Hand in Today’s Marketing Landscape

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