Learn From the Retailers. They Are Stealing Your Customers.

October 8, 2020
Gary Druckenmiller, senior vice president, strategy and innovation at Healthgrades

Gary Druckenmiller, senior vice president, strategy and innovation, Healthgrades

See those retailers in your rearview mirror? They are the health care disruptors you’ve been hearing about — Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Google — and they are coming for you. They are closer than they appear, and they will steal your customers — if you don’t disrupt back.

“The retailers have already nailed positive customer experiences,” says Gary Druckenmiller, senior vice president, strategy and innovation at Healthgrades. “They do it better than anybody in the world.”

Druckenmiller and Jeff Bean, vice president, system marketing and brand at Geisinger, recently made the case for why health care providers need to accelerate innovation and become “commerce ready.”

“Commerce ready” means that in the not-too-distant future you may shop for health care services just as you shop for anything else online: selecting what you want to purchase, adding it to your shopping cart, and when you’re finished shopping, checking out.

Is that really possible? And more important, is that what customers really want? Geisinger thinks so. The Pennsylvania-based health system has built a reputation around thinking of patients as customers and adopting commerce-like concepts not usually seen in health care organizations, like giving refunds to dissatisfied customers.

But that’s only the beginning. Bean and Druckenmiller shared their vision for how health care providers should think, and what a hospital’s shopping cart could look like. Read the full story now and learn more:

Retail Disruptors Stealing Your Customers? Time to Disrupt Back

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