How Digital Wayfinding Improves Patient Navigation and Saves Money

July 20, 2023

As a health care provider, how can you ensure your patients are able to easily navigate your facilities to access care when they need it? Health care facilities lose an estimated $200,000 per year due to scheduling conflicts directly caused by patient navigation challenges, reports Clay Anderson in a new article.

Clay Anderson, global product manager of software at CenTrak, who talks about digital wayfinding

Clay Anderson

First impressions are crucial. Those early moments can make or break a positive experience, especially when seeking to build long-lasting relationships with new patients and customers.

Even before an appointment begins, new patients, existing patients, or visitors often take measures to prepare for their visit, including figuring out how to get to their destination, where to park, and time to travel.

Once they enter a health care facility, effective visual communications go a long way in ensuring a welcoming environment. Digital signage and wayfinding help empower patients and visitors during a time when they may feel lack of control. Reducing stress associated with a hospital visit is essential to elevating the overall experience.

As health care becomes increasingly competitive, the line between patient and customer blurs. Health care facilities must anticipate patient needs and meet expectations in a timely manner with convenient solutions and effective communication.

One such solution is digital wayfinding. As any sized health care campus can be overwhelming for patients and visitors to navigate, digital wayfinding and interactive signage and maps provide easy-to-use indoor and outdoor navigation guidance. These indoor GPS-like solutions address an immediate need with a user-friendly and familiar approach that enhances the experience and builds patient loyalty.

Read our new article to discover how digital wayfinding can improve patient navigation, provide seamless integration with existing systems, and save your health care organization time and money.

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