Internal Branding and Stemming Leakage the Imperative of Today

Michele von Dambrowski

by Michele von Dambrowski Consider these statements made by two speakers at a ses­sion of the 18th National Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit in Scottsdale, AZ, earlier this year: “The ROI on internal branding is significantly higher than what you might achieve with external communications for probably 30 percent of the spend.” – Rob Rosenberg, President, Read More

Pharmacists Help Hospitals Cut Readmissions

Deborah Borfitz

by Deborah Borfitz In May 2012, Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, MD, joined a handful of hospitals testing WellTransitions, a post-discharge program being de­veloped by Walgreens to help increase medication ad­herence and reduce preventable readmissions. More than a dozen hospitals were on board for the program’s rollout in October. Given outcomes to date, and Read More

Shared Appointments Improve Access, Quality

Deborah Borfitz

by Deborah Borfitz Shared medical appointments have been heralded as a way to ease the primary care shortage, by having doctors see up to two dozen patients at once. As it turns out, these appoint­ments not only can improve access to care, but also can improve care quality – at least for patients with chronic Read More

Fast Takes: News & Trend Lines, August 2013

Consumer demand spurs urgent care center growth According to a new qualitative study conducted in six metropolitan areas by the Center for Studying Health System Change, the growth of urgent care centers is driven heavily by consumer demand for convenient access to care. At the same time, hospitals view owning urgent care centers as a Read More

Looking for More Online Reviews? Solicit and Post Them on Your Own Website

by Sheryl S. Jackson While hospitals throughout the country look for ways to manage their online reputation on a wide range of review sites, an 86-bed rural community hospital invites patients to post reviews directly on the facility’s website. “We have always focused on patient-centered care and are constantly looking for feedback from our patients,” Read More

Lessons Learned: Tips for Managing Online Reputations

Sheryl S. Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson Online review sites provide opportunities for providers to respond quickly to individual complaints and com­pliments, as well as to identify overarching customer service issues that need to be addressed throughout the organization. Maintaining an online reputation requires the same thoughtful, strategic approach required for any marketing communications initiative, but the real-time Read More

Planetree Hospitals Achieve High Satisfaction, Performance Scores

by Deborah Borfitz Since 1992, 170 acute care hos­pitals have undergone rigorous evaluation and orientation exer­cises to become affiliated with the Planetree network. Thirty-eight facilities have attained formal Planetree designa­tion, available since 2008, which requires passionate and systemwide support of the Planetree care model and holds hospitals to measurable standards for high-quality, compassionate care. The Read More

Pricing Information Now Expected by Alegent Consumers

Nancy Vessell profile pic

by Nancy Vessell When Alegent Creighton Health introduced the first online calculator enabling consumers to find their out-of-pocket costs for many procedures, the novelty attracted national attention to this Omaha, NE, inno­vator. Some 20,000 people logged on in 2007 to see what they would be billed to have a baby or a nose job or Read More

Consumers Shop Price More, But Industry Response Still Lags

Nancy Vessell profile pic

// By Nancy Vessell // For the past decade, David Marlowe, principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts, based in Ellicott City, MD, has encouraged health care providers to consider pricing their services more strategically in order to gain market share. Here he answers questions about the latest in strategic pricing. First, what is strategic pricing, as Read More

Social Media ROI Means Much More Than ‘Likes’ and ‘Views’

Michele von Dambrowski

by Michele von Dambrowski “ROI should always be tied to dollars,” Chris Boyer, AVP of digital strategy for North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck, NY, points out. “If you don’t measure ROI, don’t worry – your successor will,” quips Boyer, who also serves as an external advisory board member for the Mayo Clinic Center Read More

Market Research and Engagement Through an Online Community Panel

Michele von Dambrowski

by Michele von Dambrowski “We had relatively low patient engagement … outside of the clinic setting,” says Mark Rothwell, vice president of marketing and communications for Dean Clinic, giving one reason why the 107-year-old Madison, WI, organization began an online patient community. Patient engagement, in­cluding a two-way dialogue, is critical to Dean Clinic’s brand value, Read More

Geographic Expansion Is a Continuing Saga

Deborah Borfitz

// By Deborah Borfitz // A report from the Center for Studying Health System Change, published in the April edition of Health Affairs, concludes that hospitals are shifting their competitive focus to strategies that will give them a foothold in new geographic areas with well-insured populations. Under debate is how the employed strategies, ranging from Read More

Community Hospitals Reposition Themselves with Clinical Trials: Innovative, Progressive Care Is a Competitive Differentiator

Sheryl S. Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson Twenty years ago, industry-sponsored clinical trials were conducted through academic medical centers. As pharma­ceutical, device, and biotech companies pushed to get products through test­ing phases and onto the market, the value of opening trial participation to physicians at community hospitals became clear. “Today, nearly 70 percent of pharmaceutical- and device-sponsored clinical Read More

A Hospital for Kids Touches Musicians – Now Their Music Touches a Community and Helps Build the Hospital’s Brand Awareness

by Peter Hochstein The big idea happened because Rick Ender sometimes takes his work home. One evening Ender, the creative director at Atlanta advertising agency Frederick Swanston, was working on concepts for a new campaign for Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY. Meanwhile, his kids were watching “American Idol” on television. “Just then,” recalls Ender, Read More

What’s ‘New’ About New Movers?

by Barbara S. Long, APR Welcoming a newcomer to a service area is hardly new. The “welcome wagon” concept has been around since America’s westward expansion. In those days, new settlers were greeted with a warm welcome and provisions as their wagon rolled into town. Today, the sentiment is the same, but the de­livery method Read More

The Hemingway Challenge: A Novel Exercise to Improve Communications

by Dan Fredricks In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway was reportedly challenged by a colleague to write a complete story, with a beginning, middle, and end, using only six words. Hemingway won the wager by writing, “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” Legend has it that he regarded this simple story as one of his best Read More

Brain Health Center Offers Model for Comprehensive Alzheimer’s Care: Collaborative Approach Benefits Patients and Family Caregivers

Joan Trezek

by Joan Trezek The “graying of America” is hardly a secret. The media has focused at length on the impact of seniors and especially the boomer generation on health care and society. These discussions often lead to a dizzying catalog ofstatistics about Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, almost everyone knows someone of advanced years who is experiencing Read More

Blood Management Programs Extend Marketing Efforts: Patients Choose Bloodless Medicine for Non-Religious Reasons

Sheryl S. Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson Although the primary audience for bloodless medicine and surgery programs is the Jehovah’s Witness population, as well as other individuals who will not accept blood products based on religious convictions, the general community is another audience to which hospitals can market bloodless programs. Patient blood management programs represent a higher standard Read More

Teaching Hospitals Lead Innovation Movement

Deborah Borfitz

by Deborah Borfitz During the last five years, a growing number of health systems have confronted marketplace uncertainties by establishing formal and sometimes far-reaching innova­tion initiatives. Many health care organizations are giving innovation the “attention it deserves” with full-fledged, if often virtual, innovation centers and appointing chief innovation or transformation offi­cers, according to Joanne Conroy, Read More

Fast Takes: News & Trend Lines, April 2013

Most physicians favor financial incentives for changing consumer health behavior According to a new Deloitte survey, 71 percent of U.S. doctors believe that if incentives were widely intro­duced to motivate consumers to engage in healthy behaviors, such incentives as direct payments, reduced insurance premiums, and lower co-pays might work best. Less powerful motivators were rewards, Read More