High-Profile Fundraising for Health Care Nonprofits: Boon or Bust?

by Jennifer Redmond Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has created an equal share of opportunity and difficulty for health care providers. In an evergrowing market, providers are vying for the attention of consumers in creative ways, but some, in an effort to edge out the competition, are met with vehement criticism. This pressure to Read More

Improved Patient Flow in Hospitals: How to Break Through the Bottlenecks

by Sandra Marchetti Backups and delays are a common, but always unwelcome, part of the health care process. Patient flow problems are a source of anxiety and long waits for patients, as well as frustration and inefficiency for providers. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, many U.S. hospitals have problems with achieving optimal patient Read More

Dr. Devi Shetty’s Health City Envisions a New Kind of Medical Tourism

Cheryl Haas

by Cheryl Haas Devi Shetty, MD, is out to change the world of health care delivery through compassion, quality, and affordability. India’s most renowned heart surgeon and Chairman of Narayana Health has built a chain of 21 medical centers that cut costs so substantially that they can provide clinical excellence at a fraction of the Read More

Does Employee Engagement Matter?

by Cynthia King, PhD, and Daniel King, MS No longer is it enough to have satisfied employees who just want to “get by.” Instead, it is essential that hospitals and health systems cultivate a working environment that promotes and sustains highly engaged employees who are loyal to their organization. Highly engaged individuals are not only Read More

Nursing as a Strategic Differentiator: Think Anew

by Gloria Sanchez-Rico, RN, BSN, MBA, NEA-BC Old stereotypes die hard, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to nursing. For while nurses continue to provide exceptional bedside care and remain the single greatest contributor to a good or bad patient experience, anyone who thinks their contribution ends there should think again. Read More

Medical Apprentice Program a Boon to Hospitals, Students, and the Community

by Colleen Sweeney In 2007, I developed the Medical Apprentice Program (MAP) for high school students in my community who were interested in medical careers but wanted on-site guidance and exposure—to caregivers, to patients, and to like-minded peers—before choosing a college major. Back in my day, unless you had volunteered or worked as a paramedic, Read More

How Special Events Can Build Your Reputation and Brand

Ritch K. Eich, PhD

by Ritch K. Eich, PhD Special events have been an integral part of health care organizations for centuries. For example, back when Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy religious order in Dublin, Ireland, in 1831, charity functions—sermons, bazaars, and other appeals—were an integral part of social life. In his 1955 book about that period, Read More

What it Means to be Human First at BIDMC

by Ansuya Bijur In a memorable scene in the best-selling novel Cutting for Stone, a doctor asks his medical students, “What treatment is offered by ear in an emergency?” One of the students replies, “Words of comfort, sir.” Most often, patients meet clinicians under extremely difficult circumstances. Typically clinicians treat a disease—what ails the body. Read More

Marketing Health Care to Multicultural Audiences

// By Cheryl L. Serra // If you market health care, you know a cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t cut it. You need to determine a number of factors: Who makes health care decisions in the family? What does your audience believe about health care and health care providers? Increasingly, you also need to consider how Read More

Mobile Clinics: A Proactive Public Health Strategy

by Jared Kebbell Mobile health clinics are becoming an increasingly important part of the American health care system. They represent a move toward a more proactive public health strategy, seeking to bring care to those in need and the uninsured rather than waiting for them to seek it themselves in expensive emergency rooms. To many Read More

Supermarket Chain Offers Infusion Services

Nancy Vessell profile pic

by Nancy Vessell When a Midwest supermarket chain began offering chemotherapy and other infusion services, a few heads were turned. “When I first learned about it, it did catch me by surprise. To my knowledge, I haven’t heard about other grocery chains getting into this [medical area],” says Michael Abrams, managing partner of Numerof & Read More

Cultural Sensitivity Attracts Ethnic Populations and Enhances Brand

Cheryl Haas

by Cheryl Haas In American culture, we joke about superstition but we hedge our bets: We don’t walk under a ladder, don’t let a black cat cross our collective path, and don’t include a 13th floor on high-rise buildings. But in a hospital setting, we often unwittingly expose people from other cultures to elements that Read More

Communication and Co-Leadership Key to Physician Engagement

Sheryl S. Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson Everyone agrees that in today’s health care environment physician engagement is critical to the success of collaborative care models as well as the successful retention of physicians. But how does a health care leader define, identify, and quantify physician engagement? What is physician engagement? “There is a lot of talk about Read More

How Boston Children’s Hospital Stands Out in a Crowd of Standouts

// By Peter Hochstein // Despite specializing in kids exclusively, Boston Children’s Hospital confronts a wall of competition that hospitals elsewhere might find daunting. Liz Vanzura, chief marketing officer for Boston Children’s advertising agency, MMB, can list 10 other local hospitals that treat children—among them such formidable names as Mass General, Tufts Medical Center, and Read More

Arts and Health: A Prescription for Patient-Centered Care

by Jane Weber Brubaker In April, more than 260 professionals gathered for the 25th annual Global Alliance for Arts & Health convention, hosted this year by Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Arts and health is “a diverse, multidisciplinary field dedicated to transforming health and healing though the arts,” according to the organization’s website (www.thesah.org). The Read More

Health Care Branding Journey: The Impact of a Unified Brand

by Michael Reinhardt Developing a unified health care brand sounds promising, but how do you actually begin such a tremendous undertaking? In April, eHealthcare Strategy & Trends sponsored a special webinar on emerging branding trends in a rapidly changing industry. The program examined the journey taken by St. Joseph Health, based in Irvine, CA, and Read More

The Importance of Addressing Culture When Merging Different Entities

Sheryl Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson Keep Focus on Patient-Centric Care and Take Time to Engage Everyone in the Process Increasing financial and competitive pressures within the health care industry have spurred hospital acquisition of other health care providers – physician practices, urgent care centers, and imaging centers. While the reasons for acquiring other entities varies from Read More

St. Vincent’s HealthCare Finds a New Prescription to Fortify Its Brand Image

by Peter Hochstein A few years ago, it became clear to the marketing people at St. Vincent’s HealthCare, a 903-bed, three-campus hospital system in Jacksonville, FL, that their institution’s brand image could do with some strengthening. Little wonder. The organization’s awareness and reputation was in fourth place compared with the competition. That competition, in a Read More

Digging Deep to Learn the ‘Why’ of Leakage

Nancy Vessell profile pic

by Nancy Vessell The key to spotting and stemming leakage of physician referrals at Texas Health Resources (THR) doesn’t hinge on expensive data collection. Certainly, data showing where patients are going in the large north Texas market is helpful to this health system of 25 hospitals and 5,500 affiliated physicians. But the data only serves Read More

Sports Performance Hits Its Stride as a Growth Area

by Cheryl Haas Thirty years ago, sports medicine was the hot trend that completely changed the way athletes and physicians approach sports injuries. Now, the latest iteration in sports medicine is sports performance. With its emphasis on improving athletes’ performance abilities, the discipline is not only here to stay, it’s a significant outpatient growth area. Read More

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