Brand Promise

Strategic Marketing’s Response to Rising Health Care Consumerism

Bill Tourlas

// By Bill Tourlas // Historically, consumers have played a relatively limited role in their health care decisions, especially as it relates to selecting an insurance plan. People had little concern for price or health plan comparison since employers dominated consumer choice, paying most, if not all, of the premium and typically offering employees plans Read More

Embracing Collective Differences to Build One Cohesive Health Care Brand

Daniel P. Stevens

// By Daniel P. Stevens, DMD, PhD, MBA // Health care is changing—and so are health care brand campaigns. Building a strong health care brand in an environment that is undergoing drastic change is challenging: the switch from fee for service to value-based care; the emergence of accountable care organizations; the consolidation of hospitals—the list Read More

7 Tips to Improve Patient Experience Through Life Stories

Daniel C. Potts, Founder and President of the Cognitive Dynamics Foundation

You can help your patients become authors of their own life stories. These tips from Beth Sanders, BA, Founder and CEO of LifeBio and Dr. Daniel C. Potts, FAAN, Founder and President of the Cognitive Dynamics Foundation will help get you started and guide your efforts:

Health Care Branding Journey: The Impact of a Unified Brand

by Michael Reinhardt Developing a unified health care brand sounds promising, but how do you actually begin such a tremendous undertaking? In April, eHealthcare Strategy & Trends sponsored a special webinar on emerging branding trends in a rapidly changing industry. The program examined the journey taken by St. Joseph Health, based in Irvine, CA, and Read More

The Health Care World Series

Ritch K. Eich, PhD

by Ritch K. Eich, PhD In the game of professional baseball there are two levels of contest and two levels of play: the World Series and everything else. This model translates now and again to organizational management – though hardly as often as business authors would like us to believe – and under extreme circumstances Read More

Turning a House of Brands into a Branded House

by Cheryl Haas On March 18, 2013 at precisely 11 a.m., employees of Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center unveiled their organization’s new name and logo. In a special ceremony, a group of employees – accompanied by a dramatic drum roll – revealed a 40-by-10-foot logo and a new visual identity, and the largest hospital Read More

The C-Suite Weighs In on Health Care Branding

by Candace A. Quinn Marketers have spent the past 10 to 15 years focusing on emerging brand development initiatives for their organizations. Marketers want the brand equity of a Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, or Johns Hopkins Medicine, yet most of them represent the typical community-based hospital or health system that is slugging it out with Read More

Ohio Health System Develops First Steps to Wellness Campaign

Diane Atwood

by Diane Atwood Akron General Health System shares the northeastern Ohio landscape with some big health care players, including Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. Akron General Medical Center, a 532-bed teaching and research center, is one of several entities that make up the not-for-profit system. A major challenge, as it is for most marketers, is Read More