Urgent Care + Uber Transport = Win for Orthopedic Franchise

February 16, 2017

OrthoNOW app with “Ride with Uber” functionality. (Click to enlarge.)

If you or a family member broke an ankle or dislocated a shoulder, what if you could just use an app on your smartphone to schedule a visit at a nearby orthopedic urgent care center and, at the same time, also arrange for an Uber driver to transport you?

That’s the premise of a new option offered through OrthoNOW®, an orthopedic urgent care franchise with a flagship center in Doral, Florida, and with additional locations throughout Florida and Georgia.

The concept behind OrthoNOW is simple: offer a walk-in facility where patients can be seen by an orthopedic specialist immediately. This gives people who experience orthopedic injuries or chronic orthopedic pain an alternative to the emergency department, where they are likely to endure a long wait only to be referred to a specialist anyway, according to Dr. Alejandro Badia, co-founder and chief medical officer. Some facilities even have close affiliation and/or proximity to an ambulatory surgery center.

While this one-stop-shop approach to addressing emergency orthopedic needs is unique, Badia says his company didn’t stop there.

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Orthopedic Urgent Care Franchise Goes the Extra Mile to Enhance Patients’ Health Care Journey

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