Would Your Employees Recommend Your Organization as a Great Place to Work?

December 12, 2023

When brand promise rings true for employees, organizations have a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment, retention, and engagement.

// By Marcos Irigaray //

Marcos IrigarayIn health care organizations, the relationship between corporate strategy, culture, and brand is vital, complex, and often overlooked. But it holds immense potential for driving success.

Across all industries, successful businesses achieve this relationship by connecting their corporate strategy and external market-oriented brand management with complementary and equally focused and institutionalized internal brand management (Burmann, 2005).

Given health care’s enormous human resource challenges — engagement, retention, and recruitment — focused attention and deliberate action across corporate strategy, culture, and internal brand management are crucial. This means that health care brand and marketing leaders must be at the table and working directly with their C-level colleagues.

Yet that’s often not the case. Read on to see how lack of alignment can impact organizational effectiveness — and look for excerpts from Strategic Health Care Marketing articles illustrating how health care organizations can work through the challenges.

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