Your Hospital Call Center: Costly “Extra” or Powerful Marketing Tool?

August 13, 2015


“A hospital ‘call center’ often has been considered an irritating expense health care organizations have to endure, because people use phones and want to reach a doctor or patient in the hospital,” Andrea Simon, Ph.D. says. “But maybe it’s time to ask, ‘What if we’ve always been wrong?'”

Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. is a corporate anthropologist, a Blue Ocean Strategy® Practitioner, an Innovation Games® expert, and founder and president of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC). SAMC works with organizations that need or want to change.

She notes that a call center may actually be a “potentially powerful force for capturing qualified, interested consumers trying to find the right doctor, get to that doctor’s office, and make their appointments.” It could also be a serious revenue generator and brand differentiator.

In our new article, Let’s Rethink Your Hospital Call Center, Simon explains the compelling case study of Andrew Snyder, CMO at Amita Health, who created a marketing-focused call center for Adventist Midwest Health and Alexian Brothers Health System designed to help consumers become devoted patients.

She also details four key strategies for how to turn access centers into measurable, results-oriented income generators.

You can access the full article, and all of Simon’s valuable insights, here.

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