Franciscan Alliance To Women: “We Love You Just The Way You Are”

February 25, 2016

As one of the largest Catholic health systems in the Midwest, Franciscan Alliance recently decided to reach into its religious roots in an attempt to make a deeper connection with females in the local market and build up the women’s services line.

franciscan-alliance-logoThe result is a unique marketing campaign for the health system’s women’s services that strives to accept people “as God made them,” explains Julia Mastropaolo, Partner and Health Care Director of Brogan and Partners, which is the agency that worked with the health system to create a campaign dubbed “Perfectly Human.”

As the name implies, this campaign moves away from trying to pressure people to meet an idealized version of themselves and, instead, welcomes them into the system with all of their flaws.

The campaign works off of the reality that all too many women may put off seeing their health care providers because they are worried about being scolded for weighing too much, feel guilty that they eat too many processed foods, or are embarrassed that they don’t exercise enough. “Perfectly Human” strives to remind women that the health system and providers will accept them as they are.

While it is too soon to have concrete results from the campaign, feedback thus far has been quite positive. Additionally, the health system is noticing more traffic on its website directed toward women’s services.

Could a “come as you are” message work for your system? For more details and examples of the “Perfectly Human” campaign in action, read our full story now: A Prescription for Success: Why a Faith-Based Health System’s Campaign Welcomes Women with All Their Flaws.

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