CTAs + Measurable Outcomes = Valuable Engagement

February 14, 2019

When you take the time to develop compelling calls to action (CTAs) tied to measurable outcomes, you can effectively engage people you want to reach on a very personal level. This can be key to your marketing efforts’ success.

Elicia Newcom Gregory, director of marketing, Norton Healthcare

Elicia Newcom Gregory, director of marketing, Norton Healthcare

“Health care organizations must provide altruistic, valuable content to consumers in order to build engagement over time,” says Elicia Newcom Gregory, director of marketing for Norton Healthcare, which operates five hospitals and more than 250 health care locations in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

“CTAs are becoming more and more fundamental to effective marketing in health care,” Newcom Gregory says. “It’s becoming less about billboards and pretty pictures that can’t be measured and more about providing quantifiable business results.” The key is “giving consumers a way to continue their engagement with you, if they choose,” she says.

Tying CTAs to meaningful metrics is also essential.

“The fact is that a marketer has to defend her budget,” says Bridget Thomas, director of client success at Medicom Health. “Being able to walk into the CFO and say, ‘Last year I ran a heart campaign and we saw a 52 percent bump in encounters during that six-week period’ is powerful.”

Newcom Gregory and Thomas also agree that there are differences in how you approach developing CTAs that can make the difference between success and failure. The results of two different Norton Healthcare campaigns clearly demonstrate this premise. One campaign tied itself closely to what consumers wanted. The other campaign made some assumptions that ultimately missed the mark and, as a result, the campaign didn’t garner the expected level of interest.

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