New Campaign Features Health Care Workers Encouraging Mask Use

December 24, 2020
Rhoda Weiss, PhD, president and founder, Rhoda Weiss Consulting Group, Inc.

Rhoda Weiss, PhD, president and founder, Rhoda Weiss Consulting Group, Inc.

The coronavirus continues its rampage throughout the country, sickening people, taking lives, devastating the economy, and overwhelming our health systems.

Even if we are not sick, COVID-19 wears down our will to keep fighting until vaccines are widely available. That includes abiding by public health guidance: avoiding large group gatherings, social distancing, handwashing, and wearing a mask.

Amid the holiday season, in spite of record-breaking infection rates, hospitalizations, and death rates, some still choose to throw caution to the wind. Flouting guidance, they put their own and others’ lives at risk.

How do we remind people of what’s at stake? Who can get the message across that this is not the time to let down our guard? Perhaps the most effective messengers are the overburdened health care providers who are overwhelmed with nonstop surges.

In November, Tomislav “Tom” Mihaljevic, MD, CEO of Cleveland Clinic, proposed an idea for a public service masking campaign that would be sponsored by a few other large health care organizations and shared across several major media outlets. Today, that campaign has gone viral, snowballing into a national movement.

“There’s no question messages coming from health care workers, hospitals, physicians, nurses, and others can be significantly more impactful,” says Rhoda Weiss, Ph.D., president of Rhoda Weiss Consulting Group, who was instrumental in helping lead the campaign and propelling it to a wider audience. Making caregivers the messengers became the foundation of the masking campaign.

Read the full story now to learn more and see some of the campaign assets:

Wearing Is Caring: Inspiring a National Movement to #MaskUp

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