MarTech Is Moving Fast

January 27, 2022
Tom Hileman, CEO and president, Hileman Group

Tom Hileman, CEO and president, Hileman Group

Marketing technology (MarTech) is changing fast. How fast? Twenty percent of MarTech innovations available today didn’t even exist in 2016, according to Tom Hileman, CEO and president of the Hileman Group.

In health care, Hileman says conversational marketing technology and marketing compliance platforms lead the way with 70 percent growth over the past five years. Marketing data technology increased by 25 percent and marketing management technology rose 14 percent. He also notes that marketing automation is seeing rapid growth in the medical field, especially the use of chatbots.

A key accelerator of the MarTech explosion, states Hileman, has been COVID-19. “Automation was already a major focus, but the pandemic spurred a wave of modernization efforts that compressed five-year-plus implementation timelines into one to two years.”

Hileman, head of a digital marketing agency in Ohio, recently led a wide-ranging question-and-answer session on the topic among three hospital and health system marketing executives at the forefront of adopting MarTech advances at their organizations:

  • Nikki Moll, senior vice president, marketing and communications, Baylor Scott & White Health, Dallas, Texas
  • Paul Matsen, chief marketing and communications officer, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Stuart Dill, senior vice president, The Office of Engagement, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Read the full story now for all the highlights:

Three Top Health System Marketers Share the Latest Trends in MarTech

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