Suzanne Bharati Hendery, MA, APR Joins Editorial Advisory Board of Strategic Health Care Marketing

June 28, 2022
Suzanne Bharati Hendery, MA, APR, chief customer & communications officer for Renown Health

Suzanne Bharati Hendery, MA, APR, chief customer & communications officer for Renown Health

The SHCM Editorial Advisory Board is made up of leaders in the health care marketing field who are committed to shaping the future of the industry. They offer ongoing feedback on our editorial coverage, write occasional articles, and point us to developments and people SHCM members like you should know about.

We’re very pleased to announce that Suzanne Hendery has joined this elite group. Suzanne is chief customer & communications officer for Renown Health in Reno, Nevada.

A seasoned health care executive, Suzanne leads Renown Health’s strategy and mission by growing reputation, engagement, loyalty, referrals, and volumes in conjunction with her marketing, communications, web/digital/social media, patient experience, call center, and community benefits team.

Suzanne earned her Master of Arts in Marketing Communications from the University of Connecticut and her bachelor’s degree in Media Systems and Management from Westfield State University in Massachusetts. She is also a guest faculty member on marketing at Harvard University and a board member of the Society for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Development (SHSMD).

View Suzanne’s full bio and articles she has contributed to here.

The other members of the SHCM Editorial Advisory Board are Susan Dubuque, marketing strategist, NDP; Howard J. Gershon, principal, New Heights Group; Ross Goldberg, president and founder, Kevin/Ross Public Relations; Linda MacCracken, senior principal, customer engagement, Accenture Health; David Marlowe, principal, Strategic Marketing Concepts; Ed Rafalski, chief strategy & marketing officer, BayCare Health; Lindsay Resnick, executive vice president, Wunderman Thompson Health, Don Stanziano, chief marketing & communications officer, Geisinger, and Rhoda Weiss, Ph.D., president, Rhoda Weiss Consulting Group Inc.

We are grateful to these Editorial Advisory Board members for sharing their experience and insights, and for helping us deliver insightful content that makes a difference to members like you.

Best regards,
Matt Humphrey