Genomics Creates Strong Market Niche for One Health System

Geisinger Health System is on the cutting edge when it comes to precision medicine, and its capacity in this area has proven to be a strong market differentiator. As an integrated community health system serving areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Geisinger has long been known for its patient-centered focus and innovative approach to caring Read More

A Focus on Well-Being Improves Patient Satisfaction

Sometimes the best marketing opportunities come from just naturally doing the right thing for the people you serve. That’s certainly been the case for Beaumont Health, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Its commitment to caring for the community extends beyond addressing people’s physical health to also supporting their mental and spiritual well-being through an array of Read More

Adopting Practices from Consumer Marketing to Build Patient Loyalty

Rich Phillips

// By Rich Phillips // The past few years have seen noteworthy transformation within health care strategy and marketing. An important shift is underway from “awareness” marketing focused on brand building to “conversion” marketing focused on patient acquisition. While this shift is necessary, it remains insufficient. The emerging emphasis by health care CEOs on retention Read More

Fitness Trackers: An Untapped Source of Valuable Data

Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy & innovation at LiquidHub

Do you wear a fitness tracker to count your steps or follow other health-related measures? Many people who access health care services within your system also probably use the latest devices to monitor details like activity level, amount of sleep, and blood pressure. All of this information can paint a valuable picture of health status Read More

Can Fitness Trackers Move Your Organization into the Future?

Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy & innovation at LiquidHub

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Do you wear a fitness tracker to count your steps or follow other health-related measures? Many people who access health care services within your system also probably use the latest devices to monitor details like activity level, amount of sleep, and blood pressure. All of this information can paint Read More

A New Global Health Care Marketing Framework

Skills and Attributes of the Healthcare Strategist

At the annual meeting of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) in September 2017, a group of health care strategists from the Middle East came all the way to Orlando, Florida to attend the presentations. When they introduced themselves to SHSMD representatives, they revealed that they had made the trip to attend Read More

Population Health + CRM: A Winning Formula for Behavior Change

[Webinar on Demand]

Sponsored by ndp

This event is free for members of Strategic Health Care Marketing to view thanks to our event sponsor.

Your Presenters:

  • Susan Dubuque, principal and co-founder, ndp
  • James Colvin, marketing analytics lead, ndp
  • Katie Mardigian, transplant outreach coordinator, Hume-Lee Transplant Center, VCU Health

Duration: 60 Minutes

Susan Dubuque, James Colvin, Katie Mardigian

In today’s health care environment, the only thing we can really count on is CHANGE, and one of the most potentially transformative changes is the reorientation from delivering acute care to managing the health of populations.

One essential element of any population health effort is changing behaviors, and who is better qualified to inform, educate and persuade people to modify their behavior than a health care marketing professional?

But as health care marketers, it is imperative that our roles evolve. Our focus needs to expand beyond market development and promotion to include a leadership role at the population health table. Understanding behavior change—and how technology helps to facilitate it—is key.

Watch this webinar and gain an understanding of behavior change theory and see how you can practically deploy a population health strategy through customer relationship management (CRM) campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • How to apply the “Stages of Change” model of behavior change to your health care marketing
  • How the model can be put into practical use through CRM
  • How to effectively measure the outcomes of behavior change campaigns
  • The leadership role marketing can play in a health care organization’s population health efforts

Plus, you’ll hear a case study about how VCU Health used CRM, working with ndp on creative, and with Evariant as their CRM provider partner, to identify people with an existing medical diagnosis, and engage them in behavior change to prevent further medical deterioration.

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Beneath the Surface Frivolity of UCHealth Ads That Promote the Denver Broncos, There’s a Strong Dose of Marketing Horse Sense

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // Intuitively, you’d probably think that advertising for UCHealth should reflect nothing but gravitas. After all, it’s a 1,620-bed Colorado health care system with seven campuses (and three more under construction as of this writing), more than 2.5 million annual outpatient visits, and the University of Colorado’s Read More

How Cook Children’s Health System Fights Back Against Child Abuse

Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's

// By Lisa D. Ellis // The faces of two beautiful toddlers practically jump off the Star Telegram’s website, their vibrant expressions and sparkling eyes captured so clearly on the screen that it’s hard to believe that both of these youngsters are no longer living. Tragically, these children—who did not know each other but are Read More

Marketing Science Plus Soul Equals Brand Success for City of Hope

Lisa Stockmon, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at City of Hope

When a young woman named Kommah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she was told she had just a 5 percent chance of surviving. Gus, a firefighter, had to forgo saving others’ lives to focus on his own fight against leukemia. Today, both Kommah and Gus have beaten the odds, thanks to Read More

How to Commit Health Care Marketing Heresies for Fun and Profit

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // “Health care heresies?” No doubt about it. Since April of this year, a New York advertising agency called Brandfire has been committing the advertising equivalent of heresy on behalf of North Memorial Health, a respected Minneapolis-St. Paul area hospital system with two hospitals, some 650 beds, Read More

Customize the Patient Experience To Increase Satisfaction

Stacy Palmer, CPXP, senior vice president of The Beryl Institute

At a children’s hospital in Massachusetts, families of patients trying to park their cars in the very crowded multilevel garage will find a valet waiting at the top level to take the vehicle for them if the lot is full. This helps to relieve parents’ stress and makes a difficult day a little easier. In Read More

Touchdown! Health System Teams with Sports Franchise for the Win

Jeff Sofka, founder and principal at Bendigo

Some of the latest headlines from top academic medical centers today seem more fitting for ESPN than for a health care brand. This is thanks to the fact that a growing number of organizations are signing increasingly complex and integrated agreements with NFL, MLB, and NBA teams. Just these past few months, landmark partnerships have Read More

How To Thrive Amidst ACA Uncertainty

Lisa Ellis

The fate of the American health care system is currently unknown as a new health care plan is making its way through Congress, raising many questions for people working in health care organizations, as well as for the patients they serve. How can you be sure your organization is well positioned for whatever comes next? Read More

Beyond Testimonials: A Fresh Way To Advertise Your Expertise

Peter Hochstein

“If you’ve been involved with hospital advertising for a while, you’ve probably seen it all,” observes Peter Hochstein, veteran copywriter and SHCM contributor. “Touching testimonials from patients telling what a hospital’s doctors did for them. Doctors explaining how they collaborated on a medical breakthrough. Pictures galore of high-tech tools, people in surgical masks, MRI images Read More